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    Company Profile

    Toppeak Mould Engineering Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred as “TPM”) is in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China.

    We dedicate on Plastic Injection Mould Making, Injection Molding and Assembly.

    Our mission is to provide customers with quality moulds, service and an excellent customer experience.

    TPM Strength

    Strength Of TPM

    Everything people first. TPM's "Young Turks" Team Practice experienced management team younger, with an average age of less than 35 years old, is a dynamic and progressive team, strictly follow the s..[Enter]


    TPM has a large number of fine European and American advanced machining equipment, also has advanced process system to ensure that each process has a strict process standards and .....[Enter]

    Mold Making Equipment

    TPM has more than 50 sets of various advanced automated equipment, the purchase in 2011, all of the devices are ideal for automotive parts and home appliances plastic mold. And .....[Enter]

    Quality Department

    TPM design to ensure superior quality and service quality management system, quality department played an indelible role. To ensure the quality of the sector has a complete set of .....[Enter]

    Engineering Strength

    TPM engineers can help you to create a new component , the conceptual design of your application to market, and improve the existing components. They are active in the product development proces..[Enter]

    Project Management

    In TPM, all project management is broken down into standard management nodes, each node has a management standard operating guidelines for good management of quantitative indicators and .....[Enter]

    • Corporate Culture
    • 企业文化

    Service Brand, in essence is the crystal of enterprise culture, is the enterprise to provide the service object specimen bodies. This service brand, must highlight the ideological, highlight the practice, focus on dialectical.
    Serious thought, can penetrate time and space, breaking the geographical, go farther. The thought of this, not only can reflect the "all for you" service concept, but also to show the enterprise a strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission. Have a sense of ...

    Automotive parts

    Home Appliances parts

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